Drupal automated testing system 2.0 launched

You may or may not have noticed the launch of the second iteration of the Drupal automated testing system last Thursday. I am very excited to have the system up and running and by the possibilities it opens up.

In order to help others get a feel for some of the new features that it provides and how the features can be used I created a screencast covering some of visual changes and features provided to end-users.


this is really good thinking.

thx, cheers


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looking good! just out of curiosity why does it say:

* @file
* Provide review handling functions.
* Copyright 2008-2009 by Jimmy Berry ("boombatower", http://drupal.org/user/214218)

I thought all this code is GPL'd?

When do you plan to support contrib testing?

I second dereine's question, when can contrib modules expect to use the QA service? And what to they need to provide? (Except tests, of course)