Survived the storm

We had one heck of a storm in Omaha, Nebraska yesterday (June 28, 2008). Never have I heard hail hit the house so rapidly and so hard. Was a rather interesting experience.

After the storm subsided I spent the rest of the day clear trees of the main streets and helping the neighbors clear out the tree in their yard. Been a while since I got to use a chainsaw. :)

After the storm had somewhat subsided I went outside and captured this video.



Well first thing, I'm glad you guys are okay. Second, those are some big chunks of ice... did any of your windows get shattered? I hope everyone is fine looks like just property damage though. Chainsaw huh...nice hehe. I live in Calif. and we get hail once in a while but not that bad =p, earthquakes too but from my experience none too horrific. Well I'm glad you guys are safe and hope nothing like that happens in the future for you!

Luckily non of our windows shattered, but our neighbors aluminum siding was shredded.