Acquia internship

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This Summer I will be working part-time as an intern for Acquia. I am very excited to be working with Acquia and having the chance to spend more time improving things that I have interest in. To clarify I will be working on projects that benefit the entire Drupal community. The items I will be working on are improvements to projects I have either started or that I am heavily involved with.

During the discussion of the internship I came up with the following goals that were then prioritized by Dries.

Primary goals

  • Finalize testing of contributed modules and Drupal 6.x projects/core.
  • Add executive summary of test results on project page.
  • Extend the SimpleTest framework so we can test the installer and update/upgrade system.
  • Improve and organize SimpleTest documentation
  • Work on general enhancement of Drupal 7 SimpleTest.

Secondary goals

  • Provide on-demand patch testing environment for human review of patches.
  • Finish refactoring of SimpleTest to allow for a clean implementation of "configuration" testing.
  • Analyze current test quality and code coverage, and foster work in areas requiring attention.

I will post updates on some of the more interesting items as they are accomplished. Additionally, I would like to give a special thanks to Kieran Lal for his mentoring and help in finding me sponsorship.

To clarify I will still be participating in Google Summer of Code 2009, which was explicit in my agreement with Acquia.
Follow up post by Dries.


Wow, congratulations! Testing of contrib will be really cool. Displaying that on module pages will help motivate contrib authors, I think, and could help users evaluate contrib modules.

This is great news! :D I'm happy to see such a focus being given to test-driven development (Dries is totally not kidding when he says that this work could at least double the Drupal development community's velocity. But I'm even happier to see someone who's given so much to the Drupal project from day zero be given a nice opportunity like this.

Thank you Acquia, and thank you Kieran. @Jimmy: Can't wait to see ATS 2.0! :D