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This Summer I will be working part-time as an intern for Acquia. I am very excited to be working with Acquia and having the chance to spend more time improving things that I have interest in. To clarify I will be working on projects that benefit the entire Drupal community. The items I will be working on are improvements to projects I have either started or that I am heavily involved with.

During the discussion of the internship I came up with the following goals that were then prioritized by Dries.

Primary goals

  • Finalize testing of contributed modules and Drupal 6.x projects/core.
  • Add executive summary of test results on project page.
  • Extend the SimpleTest framework so we can test the installer and update/upgrade system.
  • Improve and organize SimpleTest documentation
  • Work on general enhancement of Drupal 7 SimpleTest.

Secondary goals

  • Provide on-demand patch testing environment for human review of patches.
  • Finish refactoring of SimpleTest to allow for a clean implementation of "configuration" testing.
  • Analyze current test quality and code coverage, and foster work in areas requiring attention.

I will post updates on some of the more interesting items as they are accomplished. Additionally, I would like to give a special thanks to Kieran Lal for his mentoring and help in finding me sponsorship.

FOLLOW UP: To clarify I will still be participating in Google Summer of Code 2009, which was explicit in my agreement with Acquia. Follow up post by Dries.