• 13 reasons why Linux should be on your desktop

    Rather interesting article I found a while back.


  • University finds freedom, flexibility in open source business intelligence

    My father found this article some time ago and I decided it was worth sharing.


    Open source is pretty amazing. It's a very different way of thinking about software.
  • The K in KDE

    This was an interesting tidbit that showed up in the hints on login to SUSE.

    The K in KDE does not stand for anything. It is the character that comes before L in the Latin alphabet, which stands for Linux. It was chosen because KDE runs on many types of UNIX (and perfectly well on FreeBSD).
  • SUSE Build Search

    SUSE now offers a web search that allows you to find programs and their respective repositories. The one-click install will be implemented in SUSE 10.3, although there are ways to make it work in SUSE 10.2.

    I use the search tool to find the repositories that I need for the specific programs I want. Once you find what you are looking for simple on the link in the upper right of each search result. This will take you to the address of that repository.

    For example if you search for eclipse the link in the upper right is Java:addon/openSUSE_10.2. After you click the link it will take you to the following url: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Java:/addon/openSUSE_10.2/.

    You can then use the url to add a source to YaST. For instruction please see Adding YaST Installation Sources.

  • Internet Radio

    I enjoy Internet radio through Amarok. Instead of picking songs off the web, cds, etc. a playlist will be sent to you and the music streamed to your computer.

    To use Amarok to listen to Internet radio simply open Ameriok. Alt+F2 then type amarok. (or in the menus under Multimedia->Audio Player->Amarok or just Multimedia->Amarok) After Amarok loads select Playlists from the left tabs, then drop down Radio Streams.

    You can add your own or look at the Cool-Streams that come with Amarok. Simply select one of the streams by double clicking it. The playlist will download and then you can choose one of the streams to listen to.