It is a good idea to partition your drive into a main partition for applications and system stuff, home driver, and swap partition. By doing this you will be able to re-install SUSE without touching your personal files.

A swap partition is used when your computer runs our of memory then it can use the hard driver space for extra memory. I usually do a gig swap partition.

Turn off ZMD

I have found that there is really no way to remove ZMD after installing SUSE. You can disable ZMD, but there isn’t any real way to un-install it.

My recommendation is to never install it. When installing SUSE simple click the software link when that screen is available and set Enterprise Software Management (ZENworks Linux Management) to Taboo by right clicking and selecting Taboo.

If you have already installed SUSE and just want to disable it please try Improving Yast Software Management.