It appears that I have created some confusion about what exactly the sprint will be about. In my previous post I stated:

The sprint will take place April 19th - 21st. The sprint will coincide with DrupalCamp Paris in order to attract Drupal enthusiasts to help with the unit testing. Anyone interested should plan on attending the sprint at some point during their stay. There will be instructional time for those planning on contributing at the sprint.

The sprint has come together rather quickly over a very accelerated planning period matched by the accelerated development timeline. The idea of inviting other Drupal enthusiasts to come, learn, and help out in the unit testing sprint was based on some original ideas thrown around in the planning process, but will not be occurring due to logistical and time restrictions.

I realize that some people have made plans to attend the sprint based on the previous description. I am sorry for this miscommunication and thank you for your enthusiasm. If you are interested in coming to Paris to help write tests, contact the testing sprint organizer Kieran Lal.

Getting Involved

If you would still like to help there are several ways you can get involved.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.