I recently had a talk with hunmonk in IRC about what needs to be done to get drupal.org to start sending patches to the new automated testing framework. After almost an hour of discussion and thought we came to the following agreement. (summarized from IRC log)

Initial plan

  • PIFT which is already in place on drupal.org will continue to be used to scan the issue queue and send patches to testing.drupal.org. (May need criteria updated.)
  • PIFT client will then be ported to Drupal 6.x and benefit from the addition of a hook as apposed to the current mechanism.
  • PIFR will be updated to implement the new PIFT hook in the ported Drupal 6.x client.

Future plan

  • Reporting back to drupal.org will be discussed a bit further as there are several ways and opinions on how it should work both technically and from a workflow standpoint.
  • PIFR will send summary of testing results back to drupal.org through PIFT.
  • PIFT will display the results on drupal.org.

Possible future

  • PIFT may be further abstracted to allow for general distributed information sending between Drupal sites.
  • Reporting logic may be moved out of PIFT and into another module.