For posterity:

After my most recent post concerning the Testbed design change and development I received a number of comments that lead me to believe that the post was misunderstood. The comments suggest that the readers believe my primary focus of development will be changing from a push to a pull model. The post seems to have been misleading in that regard.

The change to a pull architecture is a very minor change in terms of coding, only 2 functions are even effected, but in terms of managing the network it helps out a lot. The majority of the development, that I am raising $3000 for, will be focused on implementing the ideas described in The Future of Automated Patch Testing. The feature additions will:

  • Give more control to server administrators (donated servers)
  • Make it easier to manage the automated testing framework
  • Allow for testing of multiple environment configurations
  • Open up testing of Drupal 6 core and contrib code.

I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions with the automated testing system as it stands and my plans for its feature.

I appreciate any donations.