Google announced the accepted student proposals today, of which my proposal was included. The project will finalize the Usability Testing Suite which was started during Summer of Code 2008. At the conclusion of this year’s Summer of Code I hope to have the project ready for prime time use which will make it easier to conduct a number of different usability studies.

For a bit more detail on the project I have included the project abstract.

The Usability Testing Suite that I created during SoC 2008 needs additional work in order to make it ready for use. The existing module provides a powerful API that makes writing data collection plug-ins simple, but the user interface needs refinement and a screen recording plug-in would make the module much more helpful. Through this project I intend to finalize the Usability Testing Suite and make it ready for widespread use.

On another note, my father was also accepted! As confirmed by Károly “chx” Négyesi we are the first father-son pair to be accepted into Summer of Code.

I have attached the full project proposal that I submitted.